BY: Anthony Benjamin

Gerbils are amazing pets and are a whole lot easier to care for then even a small dog.  Gerbils can live as long as 5 years and even longer is not uncommon. With regular handling a gerbil can become calm and playful making them good pets for children. While gerbils are not easily trained, they are friendly and curious.


Typically between six and twelve inches long, gerbils are about the size of a chipmunk.  One species however, the Great Gerbil, originally native to Turkmenistan, can grow to more than 16 inches in length. There are approximately 50 species of gerbil, and only a few of are commonly kept as pets.  Like all rodents, gerbils two front-top teeth never stop growing, however, they rarely bite, one more reason that makes them good pets.


Social animals like gerbils should be kept in pairs, just as they would be in the wild.  Keep gerbils in boy-boy or girl-girl pairs.  If one gerbil dies you need to get another gerbil to accompany the surviving gerbil.  They will cuddle, groom, chase, and wrestle with each other.

Gerbils are clowns. The whole family will in joy watching gerbils and their little antics!





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